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Miami, FL
I thought making the minimum payments on my credit card balances was okay. It wasn't until I got a bill where my interest was now bigger than the amount I owed that I panicked. How did I let myself get into this position? I had done nothing wrong. Lyle Advisors simplified things for me. They reduced my interest, reduced my bills, and I could actually see a change. Thank you, Lyle Advisors!
San Antonio, TX
I got a job shortly after graduation. I felt like a king. None of my friends had jobs. I paid for drinks, dinners, and even loaned a pal my car. Then about six months later, I realized all this generosity was out of control. I owed more than I was making. I was afraid to tell my parents because I had assured them I was good. When the offer arrived from Lyle Advisors it was like a lifeline had been thrown to me. Lyle Advisors helped me get my finances on track.